Groove 101 Movement Class

16/08/2023 Community Creative Events

Hosted by Amy Zhang

Amy Zhang’s movement class was all about shedding inhibitions and embracing the pure joy of dance. It was a space where you could leave your self-doubt at the door and let your body move freely to the rhythm of your heart. The emphasis here was not on perfection but on the sheer fun of movement.

Amy Zhang is a movement artist that specialises in performance, movement direction and choreography. Amy’s work spans across live performance, film, tv and digital art. Her practise is grounded in Chinese ways of knowing and storytelling through experimenting with the intersections of street style foundations and contemporary frameworks. Amy has caught the eye of many, working with the likes of Hermes, Google, Cartier, Rita Ora, Calvin Klein and Nike.

What Participants Experienced in Groove 101

In Amy Zhang’s Groove 101 Movement Class, participants could expect:

  1. A Welcoming Atmosphere: Amy created a warm and inclusive environment where dancers of all levels were encouraged to participate and express themselves.
  2. Energizing Music: They got ready to move to an eclectic mix of beats and rhythms that lifted their spirits and got their bodies in motion.
  3. Freedom to Explore: There were no wrong moves in this class. Amy encouraged students to experiment, find their groove, and discover the unique ways their bodies wanted to express themselves.
  4. Connection: Beyond the physical aspect, Groove 101 was also about connecting with oneself and others through movement. It was a form of self-discovery that went beyond the dance floor.

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