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12/09/2023 Creative Events

Bridging the Gap: Our Talk at NYU on Creative Careers and Industry Insights

On September 12th, we had the opportunity we’ve always been passionate about fostering collaborations on a global scale, seeking opportunities not just in China but across borders. Recently, we had the exciting opportunity to connect with students at New York University (NYU) as part of their ongoing guest talk series. This experience provided a platform to share our creative journey, insights into the industry, and career opportunities for budding talents.

Our excitement to connect with NYU stemmed from the institution’s diverse and global perspective. As a highly international program, NYU continually seeks to broaden horizons, bringing in speakers and professionals from around the world. When we learned about their upcoming event in Shanghai, we couldn’t wait to share our creative work and insights.

Our talk was particularly relevant for students enrolled in NYU’s Communications Lab, a foundational course that equips students with the skills to communicate through digital media. These students explore the vast possibilities of digital media by creating projects that incorporate digital images, audio, and video. However, they often grapple with the question of what lies beyond graduation in a non-traditional major. Our talk aimed to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world applications within the media arts industry.

Talking Points
  1. My Story:

We began by sharing the personal journey that led to the founding of Odd Assembly. Our experiences, challenges, and inspirations have shaped our unique perspective on the world of media and creativity.

  1. Odd Assembly Today:

We provided insights into where Odd Assembly stands today in our creative journey. This included an overview of our current projects, our creative process, and the vibrant community that drives our work forward.

  1. Our Space:

We introduced our creative workspace, emphasizing the importance of a conducive environment for innovation and collaboration. Our studio is more than just a physical space; it’s a hub for creativity and artistic exploration.

  1. Our Community:

We highlighted the significance of community in the creative industry. The Odd Assembly community is a diverse network of like-minded individuals who inspire and support each other, contributing to our collective growth.

As we concluded our talk, we left students with a sense of optimism about the future of creative careers. We emphasized that creativity knows no boundaries and that the digital age offers boundless opportunities for those willing to explore, innovate, and connect.

In closing, our time at NYU was a fantastic opportunity to share our passion for creativity and collaboration with a diverse and dynamic group of students. We look forward to continuing to forge connections, inspire future talents, and be part of the ever-evolving landscape of the global creative industry.

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