Supper Club: Writers

07/11/2023 Community Creative Events

Yet another fantastic community supper club unfolded in our space. Our Writers Supper Club was a night to remember—an evening of creative ideas, communication, and networking. A lengthy potluck dinner was ignited by candlelight and featured delicious food. Our space was open for exploration, offering typewriters for expressing words and unique styles, book swaps, and various writing experiments. Another community supper club hosted in our space resulted in yet another happy group of creatives!

Book Swap –

Everyone brought along a pre-read and pre-loved book that they were willing to part with. Everyone was asked to give a short description of their book, and then choose one that resonates with them.

Field Notes –

It wouldn’t be right to have a gathering of writers without putting some words on paper. A sentence, stream-of-consciousness, a haiku, a rant – on the night we invited each person to reflect however they’d like (in written form) on the prompt:

“Artists can sustain hope even when political philosophers decry that the situation is hopeless.

It is the artistic combination of defiance and optimism.”

Tell us something about hope.

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