ODD ASSEMBLY is a creative corps birthing future-forward, provocative, and culturally impactful ideas.


a collective of dreamers, visionaries, creators, innovators, inventors, makers, and pioneers, collaborating in bespoke teams to deliver unparalleled, independent, and strategic solutions. Platforming diverse voices, paving the way for cultural engagement with our partners.

We work hand-in-hand with global brands and visionaries to catalyse transformative change, crafting compelling stories through immersive experiences and dynamic partnerships.

We are envelope pushers taking extreme ownership of every project we encounter. Our warm and collaborative approach allows each journey to develop its own unique life. Our clients become part of the ODD ASSEMBLY family, engaging in our generative call-and-response mode of creating – we are you, and you are us.

Driven by an opportunity-based ethos, we strive to create meaningful and purposeful work within our community.

ODD ASSEMBLY centres education, connection, and inspiration in everything we do.