Supper Club: Trivia

10/10/2023 Community Creative Events

We recently celebrated our Supper Club Trivia Edition, an evening that seamlessly combined a potluck feast with the excitement of trivia. The ambiance was set with warm, inviting lighting, and tables were adorned with the delightful dishes brought by our guests, creating the perfect backdrop for a memorable night out.

The trivia competition was the highlight of the evening, engaging our guests’ intellects in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our expert quizmaster challenged participants with questions spanning various categories, from history and pop culture to science and general knowledge. The room was abuzz with camaraderie as teams competed and cheered each other on.

For our triumphant champions, a grand prize awaited—a beautifully prepared, grain-fed, mouth-watering piece of steak. Meanwhile, our runners-up were rewarded with an exquisite bottle of wine.

Drinks by Fellr

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